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March 16 2015

Alibabas business in America has met some obstacles

March 7, 2015-America-Recently, the famous 1688.com buying agent releases a report about the related Alibaba business in America. The following information is about this news.
Although Alibabas sales volume already exceeds the total volume of US Amazon and ebay, 88% of Americans never heard about Alibaba. The recent file show with people that the IPO issued price range increased from 60 to 66 US dollars per share prior to the 66 to 68 US dollars.
The industry insider 1688.com buying agent www.freeshoppingchina.com believes that Alibaba will expand their business in America very difficult as its low visibility at United States. Alibaba need to spare no expense to put more money for ads like itsrival Amazon and Ebay.
However, standing stable at America is not a difficult thing as americans also want to buy cost-effective products. Most of America said that they had never heard of Alibaba but they might try as they want to get the commodities with the best price.
Famous China purchase agent Free Shipping China said that Alibaba has set up a branch in the United States for investing and they will buy shares of American electricity business companies ShopRunner. Alibaba also open its first American direct-to-consumer shopping site 11main to attract those buyers who like niche merchandise.
Other expert believes that Alibaba could buy a football team and then expand their brand. This is also very good way.
For people who want to get the high cost effective products, the famous 1688.com agent freeshoppingchina.com is the most suitable choice.
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